M (de Michoacán) was shot in Jacona, a small town in the state of Michoacán five hours from Mexico City, this series is about identity and gang culture as a result of the migration phenomenon. For many year now people from Michoacán and other places in Mexico migrate every year to the United States looking for a better life, a lot of them leave very young, Once in the US, being alone and with everything against them they find strength and company though gangs. M (de Michoacán) focuses on what happens when some of this migrants come back to their country, how they have changed, who they have become and how they start changing their home towns with their new culture.

Name : Carlos Álvarez Montero, born in 1974 

From : Mexico City, Mexico

Official Website : http://www.alvarezmontero.com

Instagram : @alvarezmontero

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