Streets... My Fantasy Paradise

"For me, the streets are like a fantasy vibrant, unpredictable and spontaneous....full of surprises. I like watching the crowd on busy streets. I like to joke with strangers on the streets and listen to the stories they share with me. I can feel a real sense of life, fun and energy out there.

My purpose of capturing these streets scenes is to entertain myself as I look back over the years. I normally allow my imagination to take over the capturing process by combining the colours, humour and surprises that present before me."

Agressive Salesman (Minolta CLE - M-Rokk

(Nikon 28Ti - Agfa Vista 400).jpg

Name : Yeow Chin Liang 

From : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Official Website :

Instagram : @yeow8

Cameras : Nikon 28Ti, Minolta CLE, Konica Hexar AF, Ricoh GR21, Leica M6, Fujifilm Klasse W

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